Roman mining complex of Tresminas. Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal

MineHeritage intends to reach society on the importance of Raw Materials (RM) through an historical approach. Using Europe as a common foreground, were RM have been explored and traded through times, MineHeritage will show that technological developments increased the demand for certains RM, linking regions to social strategies of work and progress. Through the history of mining, MineHeritage will show the importance of RM in the development of Europe, European Culture and Society.

MineHeritage intends to create popular educational tools for dissemination. By developing a comprehensive roadmap of mining and RM through historic periods, linking European regions to commercial routes, MineHeritage intends to entice school age children and young adults to explore history together using a web based multilevel game and an Application for mobile devices for outdoors exploration through cultural tourism.

MineHeritage will create videos, booklets, brochures, news clippings and other captivating materials to increase dissemination opportunities in all participating countries, creating a common platform of knowledge and understanding.