The aims of the project are the design, modelling and development of a new class of vitreous advanced nano-functional layers and multilayers, with complex optical and magnetic properties, based on boro-phosphate glasses (BPG) and including specific small components.

The synthesis of these materials will be via chemical route, comprising sol-gel and coprecipitation obtaining techniques together with new physical techniques, meaning femtosecond laser pulse deposition and treatment and radiofrequency magnetron sputtering deposition. The vitreous matrix comprises phosphorus and boron oxides as network formers, CaO, MgO and ZnO as modifiers, and small components as Fe2O3, V2O5, Bi2O3, 1d, 3d, 5d elements or/and rare earth oxides.

The project will comprise the study of the fundamental correlation between the initial composition of boro-phosphate glasses and the structural changes associated with refractive index modification that could result from fs-laser irradiation. The results will be focussed on the design and manufacturing of new prototypes of ultra-fast opto-magnetic switching devices. The resulting materials and devices will be applied in magnetic storage, wave guides, optoelectronics, lasers and other technological branches.