Research Areas

Heterogeneous Catalysis

  • Synthesis of porous solids

 - Activated Carbon from Biomass Wastes

- Activated Carbon from Sol-Gel synthesis

- Mesostructured silicates – MCM41, SBA 15

  • Surface and textural modification

- Characterization

- Catalytic tests

- Modelling of results                     


Carbon materials - Biochars and Nanoporous Carbons

  • Preparation of biomass based activated carbons
  • Surface and textural modifications
  • Textural, chemical and ecotoxicological characterisation of the prepared materials
  • Adsorption tests: Batch and column experiments with synthetic and real wastewaters
  • Regeneration studies of the adsorbents through thermal and chemical method

Polymeric Catalytic Membranes

  • Development of Polymeric Catalytic Membranes (PCM)
  • Development of Hybrid and Polymeric Materials by γ-irradiation for bioapplications
  • Synthesis of valuable compounds as aromas and precursors for pharmaceutical industry  
  • Biodiesel Production

Biogas Production and Treatment
  • Optimisation of biogas production
  • Co-digestion studies of different organic substrates
  • Mechanical, chemical and thermal pre-treatments of complex substrates
  • Development of activated carbons for biogas treatment (removal of H2S and organic compounds)
  • Upgrading of digestate into soil conditioner

Biopolymers and Aerogels

  • Synthesis of porous gel materials based on natural polymers
  • Catalyst supports on heterogeneous catalysis
  • Carriers for pharmaceutical and other active compounds used in food products
  • Textural and chemical characterization of the prepared materials
  • Controlled release studies