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ReviRIS. Revitalising Post-Mining Regions: Problems and Potential in RIS Europe 
During past year 2020, WP3, led by investigators from GeoBioTec/ Department of Earth Sciences of FCT-NOVA, worked on defining the economic, environmental, geoethical, technical and potential criteria, as well as the attributes to apply to a Multi-Criteria Decision Method (MCDM) to help in the decision making of a post-mining revitalization strategy. Presently, WP5, also led by GeoBioTec/ Department of Earth Sciences FCT-NOVA, is developing the mathematical model that forms the base of the project’s aim to deliver a validated and rigorous evaluative decision-making tool. The initial prototype that FCT-NOVA is compiling now covers 16 different landscape profiles, instead of 5 as previously envisioned.
3DBriefcase. Learning the use of minerals through non-conventional and digital tools
Developing an innovative tool dedicated to the 6-14 years old pupils/students to show the significance of the daily use of Raw Materials and their exploitation. It considers innovative popular science tools (the virtual briefcase) using augmented reality and turning it into a 3D application.  Activities already developed by investigators from GeoBioTec/ Department of Earth Sciences of FCT-NOVA: 1) Document about Portugal and its mining history, a list of mineral resources and modern mines, including successful cases and good practices, show mines and mining museums. This document also included the general overview of the public perception of mining in today’s society.  The GeoBioTec/ Department of Earth Sciences Team also developed the guidelines and all the practical applications of  "The exploration BRIEFCASE".


In February 2018, the team led by Professors Paula F. da Silva and José A. Almeida of GeoBioTec and the Department of Earth Sciences of FCT-NOVA in collaboration with the company Dinamis Globe, in Lisbon, wins the Challenge "Management of Geotechnical Assets" launched by Infraestruturas de Portugal SA. // InoCrowd in 2017.
The proposal, winner of a score of others that included teams from the main Portuguese universities with engineering courses, involved a management system with inventory and monitoring of geotechnical assets using remote sensors, as well as the necessary knowledge and equipment, time frame for development, their specifications and the budget.

Graça Brito participation in RTP - "Sociedade Civil (XIII)" | Soil Pollution | 3 Nov 2017

Graça Brito, researcher of GeoBioTec in the area of Geoenvironmental Engineering participated in the panel of the RTP program "Sociedade Civil (XIII)", under the subject of Pollution in the Soils in 3 Nov 2017. The program can be reviewed following this LINK.
Date: 3 November 2017


On January 19, 18 and 19, 2017, a short course on Soil Contamination Assessment was held at the APA (Portuguese Environment Agency). It was coordinated by Graça Brito and taught by José Almeida, Paulo Caetano, André Sanches and Marco Rocha (Principal Geologist Engineer Consultant at Brownfield Engineering, Lda).
Date: 20 January 2017