Joana Delgado

PhD Student







 Vicarte – Research Unit “Glass and Ceramic for the Arts”, FCT-UNL

REQUIMTE - Associate Laboratory for Green Chemistry.

Office: 12 (H III), Tel. +351 212 947 893, Ext. 11318





Short CV / research Interests:

April 2011 (started) – PhD in Conservation Science with the subject "Restoring medieval stained-glass transparency: use of new task specific luminescent ionic liquids for cleaning". The project concerns the study of glass corrosion processes and new methods for the corrosion removal; the study of materials and production techniques, as well as reproduction of glass for artificial corrosion experiments.

2005-2010 – Bachelor and Master in Conservation and Restoration, with specialization in Glass/Stained-Glass. My research background, dating back from my master thesis in Conservation and Restoration, "Stained-Glass from the Church of Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal – history and characterization", is focused on the study and characterization of stained-glass cultural heritage. 

Interests in investigation:

i)    Analytical techniques applied to the characterization of materials related to the conservation of cultural heritage, and stained-glass in particular.

ii)    Study of the effects of corrosion products in glass and of the new techniques and materials for cleaning, such as task specific ionic liquids.

iii)    Study of artistical materials and techniques used in the production of stained-glass panels.

iv)    Conservation and restoration techniques.

v)     Investigation on the yellow silver staining technique, evolving the formation of silver nanoparticles in the glass matrix.


Selected publications:


M. Vilarigues, J. Delgado, P. Redol , "Stained-glass from the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal: history and characterization", Journal of Glass Studies (2011).

J. Delgado, M. Vilarigues, A. Ruivo, V. Corregidor, R.C. da Silva, L.C. Alves, "Characterisation of medieval yellow silver stained glass from Convento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 269 (2011) 2383.