Ambrósio Camuenho

PhD Student


Ambrósio L. G. Camuenho completed his degree in 2013 Education Sciences majoring in Chemistry, at Institute Higher of Education Sciences, in Huila – Angola (ISCED-Huíla). Having presented his dissertation entitled: “Phytochemical separation of Cannabis Sativa L., a contribution to interdisciplinarity in the teaching of chemistry in the Chemistry program at ISCED-Huíla”.

In 2015 he began a master’s in Bioorganic Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology – New Lisbon University (FCT- UNL), after one year he joined a group in Photochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry in which he did research for his master’s thesis entitled: “Synthesis of piridinochalcone and chiral photo induction in b-cyclodextrine”. The characterization was done using optical spectroscopy (UV-Vis absorption, Circular Dichroism and x-ray crystallography) and using NMR.

He is currently working on a new research project for his doctoral program, in the same research group. The objective of this research is to synthesize pyridinochalcones and photochromic dithienylethenes, which by the action of light form chiral compounds with optic activity by creating enantiomeric excess (ee).