Wiki State

Realizou-se no dia 11 de Março, pelas 15 horas no Auditório da Biblioteca, a sessão "The Wiki State: Transforming Government with new Internet Tools".

Laboratório de e.Learning, participou neste evento disponibilizando o apoio técnico para a vídeo-difusão em tempo real e pós-produção.

O vídeo estará brevemente disponível.

The appearance and success of new "Web 2.0" tools on the Internet - such as blogs, wikis, maps, image and video galleries and social networking sites - offer some interesting and potentially historic opportunities for transforming government. Citizens using new online tools and government information in open data formats are creating new experiments in government transparency, accountability, and knowledge creation, and thus blurring the lines between citizen volunteers and government officials. This talk will describe some of these innovations, with a particular focus on "disaster informatics," fiscal transparency, and this year's election in the United States.