EurASc 2017 - Symposium: The Future in Science in the 21st Century

Realizou-se nos dias 26 e 27 de Outubro de 2017, na Academia das Ciências de Lisboa o EurASc 2017 Symposium: The Future in Science in the 21st Century.

O Laboratório de e.Learning participou neste evento realizando a cobertura fotográfica e captação vídeo dos dois dias do evento.

Symposium Videos [26 de Outubro]

Session 1 - Arnold Tukker “The transition to a circular economy - some (in)convenient truths”

Session 1 - Eric Gaffet "Nano - solutions for sustainable materials management"

Session 2 - Sigurd Wagner “Challenges to realizing an energy economy powered exclusively by sun and wind”

Session 2 - Adélio Mendes “Electricity from renewable sunlight: cheaper and cleaner”

Session 3 - Ernst Wagner “Chemical evolution of carriers for use in nanomedicine"

Session 3 - Daniel Scherman "Genetic pharmacology and gene therapy, the new revolutionary of innovative medicine"

Session 3 - Round Table "Science and Citizens"

Session 4 - Asuncion Gomez-Pérez "Automated Data Markers"

Session 4 - Margherita Venturi "Artificial molecular-level devices and machines"

Session 4 - Raja Chatila "Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence Robotics and Autonomous Systems"

Session 5 - Sierd Cloetingh "Spreading research excellence in Europe: perspectives from Academia Europaea"

Session 5 - Maria da Graça Carvalho "Reducing inequalities: the role of social innovation"

10h Anniversary of ERC Sessions Vídeos [27 de Outubro]

Introduction to the 10th Anniversary "The role of ERC in boosting Science in Europe"

Tim P. Vogles "Innovating funding for innovation: An early-career perspective on European Grants"

Luís Pereira "A new era of electronics and photonics on paper"

Pedro Barquinha "Transparent and flexible electronics with embedded energy harvesting based on oxide nanowire devices (TREND)"

Round Table "The role of ERC in the research career and groundbreaking work"

Awards Ceremony Vídeos [27 de Outubro]

Presentation of diplomas to new members, Leonardo Da Vinci Awardee and Blaise Pascal Medalists

Vicenzo Balzani "Chemistry and creativity"

Michael Mingos "Structural and Bonding Patterns in Molecular Clusters"

Nikita Morozov "Mechanics and nanomechanics"

Luis Liz-Marzan "Colloidal Nanoplasmonics"

Felix Otto "Randomness in Partial Differential Equations"

Francisco Ayala "Two revolutions: Copernicus and Darwin"