Thesis Proposals

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Functional Near Infrared Spectrometry sensing – Research on novel

Instrumentation and applications methods


1819_02 Development of a fully functional service that performs automatic detection of pathological features, in neuroradiologic images using Deep Learning, within a totally secure and private environment, based on the blockchain technology NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_02
1819_03 Deep Learning for Biosignals Classification applied to Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy  NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_03
1819_04 Development of method for automatic on-line monitoring of VOC in automotive plant and direct evaluation of its impact on employers NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_04
1819_05 Milimeter wave radar for remote biosignals and human movement monitoring NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_05
1819_06 SYPUMP – SYstem for Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention: a functional automatic Pressure Ulcer detection and management system, integrated in a smart mattress. NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_06
1819_07 Optical instrumentation towards the concentration of light in turbid media for phototherapy application. NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_07
1819_08 Biosignals for human factors evaluation  NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_08
1819_09 Psychophysiology of Human Attention in Real World Scenarios NOVA_I4H_1819_Prop_09