Mariana Peyroteo

PhD Student


UNIDEMI, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NOVA School of Science and Technology, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal

Mariana Peyroteo is a researcher whose work focuses on Digital Health Services and their impact on decision-making processes, using Design Science Research Methodology.

She holds a master's in Public Health and Development from Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. She is pursuing a PhD in Industrial Engineering, specialising in Health Information Technologies at NOVA School of Science and Technology. Her research focuses on developing a tool to estimate the value of Digital Health Services in Primary Care in Portugal.

In the last five years, she has focused on optimizing decision-making processes using Information and Communication Technologies. Her work mainly involves the interoperability, collection, and analysis of data, information, and knowledge. Her goal is to use evidence-based policy development and health innovation to support the vision of the "Sustainable Development Goals" and the concept of "One Health". To achieve this, she uses Design Science Research Methodology as the foundation of her work, along with qualitative methodologies, foresight studies, and Health Information Systems evaluation methodologies.


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