Nanomaterials for magnetic hyperthermia

Graça, Manuel P., Silvia Soreto Teixeira, Sílvia R. Gavinho, Manuel Almeida Valente, Cristiana Salgueiro, José Nunes, Paula I. P. Soares, Maria Carmo Lança, Tânia Vieira, Jorge Carvalho Silva, and João Borges Borges. "Nanomaterials for magnetic hyperthermia." European Journal of Public Health 31 (2021): ckab120.066.


Cancer remains as one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. Recent advances in nanoparticles based therapy mark a new era on cancer treatment. Many groups have investigated biological/physical effects of nanoparticles on tumour cells and how these vary with physical parameters such as particle size, shape, concentration and distribution. Magnetic hyperthermia (MHT) can be an alternative or an add-value therapy with demonstrated effectiveness. MHT uses magnetic nanoparticles, which can be directly applied to the tumour, where, by applying an external ac magnetic field, will promote a localized temperature increment that can be controlled.

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