In the Biomaterials lab a significant research is being developed to produce Bio-batteries based on electrospun cellulose acetate membranes. These devices are designed to produce energy from body fluids like sweat or blood. The final aim is to produce implantable batteries to supply small medical devices like, for example, pacemakers. From this research resulted two national and international patents and a paper were published.

The production of fibers for photo-therapy has started in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Isabel Ferreira. Electrospun fibers obtained from of a photo-conductive polymer were produced for this purpose. This resulted in a collaborative project inside i3N coordinated by Prof. Dr. João Paulo Borges.

Electrospun fibers made of a cellulose derivative with liquid crystalline behaviour are temperature sensitive and can be applied in the production of electro-optical devices where they can act as a support layer. Devices produced with these fibers show lower Von and excellent transparency (80-90%). Similar morphologies were obtained on Ion Jelly® (conductive material based on gelatine) electrospun fibers. A paper on electrospinning of Ion Jelly® was published. This work was developed in collaboration with Prof. Susana Barreiros from Requimte.

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