Uterine Electromyography (EHG)

Term and Preterm Uterine Electromyography (EHG)

In this work we have developed a software toolbox that fills the gap in this respect. For the multichannel EHG signal up to 16 channels, time, frequency and joint time-frequency representations using Quadratic Time–Frequency Representations (Q-TFR) and Wavelets, are included. Efficient description of energy related parameters are obtained through energy marginals. Frequency domain characterisation is performed using the Wavelet Packet node energy and the Marginal Spectrum obtained via the Wavelet Transform or the Q-TFR. Skeletons and instantaneous frequency and bandwidth calculations are included along with Wavelet signal reconstruction and de-noising. The toolbox has been tested with real EHG signals and turned out to be efficient and informative. The toolbox modular architecture allows for future expansion. The results are saved in a database structure.


Daniela Godinho

Shirin Najdi 

Fátima Serrano

Arnaldo Batista

Catarina Hilário

Ladislau Moreira                          Helena Pereira

Catarina Sousa

Sara Russo

Ana Oliveira

Joana Ferreira

Ana Simões

Sara Vigário Bruno Ambrósio Eduardo Rosa