Projects Participation

  • Computational Intelligence for biopattern analysis in Support of eHealthcare Biopattern”,Network of Excellence, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies IST, 2004-2007; contribution to the study of Evocated Potentials and Spindles
  •  “High Resolution Analysis of the P wave with Wavelets” funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, through the program POSI and Prof. Arnaldo Batista responsibility, 2005-2007, having performed the Empirical Mode Decomposition of the signals. 
  • “High Resolution Advanced ECG Processing System”, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, through the program Sapiens99, 2000-2001 (1 year).
  • Project “The Development of Advanced Water Monitoring Equipment: WATERMON”, a BRITE-EURAM project, February 1997 to January 2000. In this project 2 radar systems for ecological applications were developed: a) detector of level for deposits of effluent and b) level meter of dissolved pollutants or in suspension having: a) contributed to the drawing of the level detector and b) prepared the Signal Processing algorithms
  • “Speech Recognition” project of INESC under responsibility of Prof. Borges d’Almeida. Elaborated algorithms for recognition of isolated, based on Linear Prediction and Dynamic Time Warping, and algorithms for “pitch” detection (1987/88).
  • “Breadbording of a Digital Beamforming Network” carried out for ERA Technology under contract of the European Space Agency, 1989/90; collaboration in the modulus “Adaptive Beamforming and Computer Simulations” under responsibility of Prof. Miguel Lagunas da ETSE de Telecomunicación de Barcelona, Spain.
  • Selection of characteristics as well as their reduction to characteristics of classification and their hierarchical structuring for the detection and classification of Radar stations” project carried at ETSE de Telecomunicación de Barcelona under responsibility do Prof. Miguel Lagunas and funding of “National Research Plan of Spain (Prontic-89).
  • Participation in several INESC internal projects, 1992-1997, under responsibility of Prof. Moisés Piedade, having carried works in the Communication with Spread-Spectrum, having proposed a new method of modulation for communication in power lines.