SleepLab (currently in version 2)  is a contribution to the automatic classification of sleep, and runs Under Matlab (R)

For such, it has been developed a platform (SleepLab v. 2.0), where it is possible to load the EEG signal from any of the electrodes or recommended montages by the AASM, execute the automatic classification of sleep by the Itakura-Saito and Itakura distances and spindles detection by applying the continuous Wavelet transform. The wider the distance between the stage in analysis and “Woken” template, the more profound is the sleep state of the patient.
This work intends to contribute to the development of a capable tool for the un-supervised sleep classification, avoiding the time spent in such task and obtaining a higher efficiency in comparison to the existing ones. The platform allies the medical field to scientific research, allowing the visualization of the signal in time intervals at the users choice, analysis of unipolar signals or montages and also the study of neuropathologies identified through sleep. This is an open platform that is designed to be able to be expanded with new algorithms and options