MicroECG (currently in version 2.4) is a software tool for the analysis of the High-Resolution Electrocardiogram (HR-ECG) for Arrhythmia detection was developed. New algorithms based on Wavelet analysis are used and compared with the classic Simson protocol over the P and QRS segments of the Electrocardiogram (EEG). A novel procedure based on a two step wavelet analysis and synthesis is performed in order to obtain a frequency description of the P, T or QRS segments. This frequency “signature” is useful for the detection of otherwise asymptomatic Arrhythmia patients. The tool has been developed in Matlab®, and deployed for a standalone C application.

Mundane Tasks:
ECG visualization and Zooming
S wave detector (wavelets and conventional)
ECG delineation and user controlled fine tuning
Various correlation techniques to obtain a template (user controlled)
Possibility of beat-by-beat analysis
Heart-Rate Variation
Simson Protocol implementation for comparision purposes
12 leads display for current clinical use
Noise level display
Raw data Visualization
Research Tasks
Scalogram Analysis
ECG morphology varaibility
Wavelet Packet Frequency Caracterization