Research in Synchrotron Radiation Facilities

List of Research developed in the framework of Mobility of Researchers and Access to Research Infrastructures.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France


Line BM25A (HG-100) - Sb K-edge and Pb L-edge speciation study through XANES in historical Portuguese tile glazes, acepted for June 2017 

Line BM29 in XAFS (EC-401) Cobalt plus copper as chromophore elements in ancient glazes: a local structure approach through the Co and Cu K-edges, November 2008.

Line BM29 in XAFS (ME-735) Assessment of speciation through the analysis of K-edge XAFS spectra of heavy metals: the type-case of antimony in ancient glassy materials, December 2003.

Line ID22 μ-FID in XAFS and chemical mapping (ME-324) Micromapping and speciation of copper and tin in archaeologic tubular multilayered glass beads, September 2001.

Line ID 22 m-FID in microfluorescence (CH-621), The Role of Fuser Metals in the Ageing of Tile Glazes: a Problem in Conservating an European Cultural Heritage, February 1999.

Laboratoire pour l’Utilization du Rayonement Synchrotron (LURE), Orsay, France


Line D15A-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Cultural Materials, April 2001.

Line D15A-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Cultural Materials, July 2000.

Line D15-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Archaeologic Glass Beads, February 2000.