Dissertation Themes

Master Thesis in 2021/2022
Development of new molecular probes for imaging of cancer and inflammation 
New fight against tuberculosis using pharmaceutical ionic liquids
Óleos isolantes e lubrificantes: metodologias de análise
Sensing of biorelevant molecules with metal-organic framework films
Exploring synthetic approaches of purine nucleosides as potential copper chelators and cholinesterase inhibitors
Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids based on Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: expanding the Potential of Umpolung Reactions
A comprehensive screening study on the solubility in NADESs by using Hansen solubility parameter
Chemical engineered extracts of Portuguese biorenewable resources to the synthesis of diverse natural products hybrids towards new bioactive entities
Metabolic and Neurotoxic profiles of Synthetic Cathinones
Validação de Limpeza na Indústria Farmacêutica
Expedient synthesis of biomass-based monomers using heterogeneous catalysis: access to novel biopolymers with medicinal application
Neonicotinoides como pesticidas (insecticidas) - controle (mapeamento) ambiental e estudo do risco
Exploring the use of different triazene derivatives to fight bacteria and fungi-related infections
One-pot metal-catalyzed synthesis of azaindoles and diazaindoles 
Therapeutic efficacy of novel macromolecules towards CXCR4-expressing cancer cells

Master Thesis in 2020/2021
Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids based on Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: expanding the Potential of Umpolung Reactions 
Targeted actinomycete isolation from the Estremadura Spur, taxonomic characterization and evaluation of antimicrobial potential 
Sustainable cellulose chemical modification in homogeneous conditions
Synthesis of new phosphoglycoglycerol – evaluation as model to new putative therapeutic agents
Synthesis and evaluation of phenolic metabolites and analogues
Implementação e validação de um método de ensaio para análise de novos compostos emergentes em águas por SPE-GC/MS
New approaches to amino-piyrrolidine guanine compounds
Encapsulation of luminescent hydrophobic B(III) and Pt(II) complexes into hydrophilic functionalised polymer nanoparticles as potential Biomedical imaging tools
New fight against tuberculosis using pharmaceutical ionic liquids
Expanding the toolbox of chemical tools to target malaria parasites with azaindoles 
Luminescent compounds with Delayed Fluorescence in Aggregate State for Imaging Applications
Stenhouse photoswitches as new materials for smart applicationsphosphotransferase system
One-pot metal-catalyzed synthesis of azaindoles and diazaindoles
Development of cromoglicate derived mesogens for NMR spectroscopy
New fluorophores for proteins and nucleic acids labeling: application to cultural heritage
Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of new thiosemicarbazone derivatives as biologically active compounds
pH and Photoresponsive Soft Materials for Drug-Delivery Applications

Master Thesis in 2019/2020
Preparation and characterisationof arabinoxylanbiopolymers to be used as active packaging and edible films
New approach to phenanthridine alkaloids by intramolecular radical cyclization
Self-assembled coordination cages for encapsulation of pharmaceutical pollutants 
Development of bio-based binders for production of cork stoppers
Design and Synthesis of Light-Responsive High-Affinity Pairs 
Natural inspired small organic molecules for targeting aquaporins as a novel therapeutic approach to pancreatic cancer
Protein and alkaloids recover from lupine debittering leaching waters
Study of the composition and elemental bioaccessibility of the macroalga Asparagopsis taxiformis and isolation of biomass fractions thereof enriched in elements of critical importance
Optimization and validation of methods for the determination of proximal and lipid composition in macroalgal matrices.
Characterization of several seaweeds of interest selected from the main taxonomic groups (green, brown, and red algae)
CO2 reduction with formate dehydrogenase mimetic compounds 
Development of PRIDEs – PolymeRIc Deep Eutectic solvents - for CO2 capture

Master Thesis in 2018/2019
Multistate/Multiresponsive Host-Guest Complexes
Aplicação de aminoguanidinas ciclicas em organocatálise

Functionalization of PLGA polymeric macromolecules for transformation into nanoparticles for eventual pharmaceutical application.

Molecular properties of volatile sensing materials

Identification of toxic compounds in forensic context

Synthesis of sustainable polymers to achieve protein stable white wines

Synthesis and biological activities studies of novel phenylpropanoid sugar derivatives

Síntese de um diterpeno de origem marinha

Exploring the biological role of (aza)indoles as potential new covalent drugs 

New Hetero-branched sensitizers for DSSC

SugarPharma - Abordagens de Química Verde para Aumentar a Atividade Antitumoral de Ésteres de Açúcares Naturais, Encontrados em Plantas Medicinais

Síntese do alcalóide cernumidina A e suas aplicações

Exploring azaindoles structural diversity by novel metal-catalyzed approaches

Optimization of derivatization and validation of a HPLC-UV quantification method of Glyphosate and AMPA in water matrixes.

 Molecular recognition of tumor-associated glycan antigens and the Siglec-9 immunomodulatory lectin.

Master Thesis in 2017/2018
Luminescent probes for ovarian cancer early detection
Novel synthetic routes towards azaindoles: exploring metal-catalysed one-pot approaches

Pharmaceutically Active Nature-Inspired Ionic Fluids: A Promising Bioavailability-Enhancing Development Option for Pharmaceuticals

Fatty acids profiling in Micropterussalmoides by gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry

Development and characterization of nanoagents to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

In vivo and in vitro studies of an ATP hydrolyzing protein from Streptococcus pneumoniae

Smart mesoporous silica glyconanoparticles for theranostics

Design and Synthesis of Small Protein-Based Scaffolds for Biocatalysis


Structural and functional studies of a new class of Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibitors

Novel small molecules to target Alzheimer’s disease

Synthesis of new triarylmethanes (TRAM) as potential autophagy agents

A rational approach towards novel modulators of necroptosis

Synthesis of tailored poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanoparticles containing thiophene‑S,S‑dioxide for electrochromic applications

Synthesis of methyl-mannoligosaccharide precursors

Síntese do alcalóide cernumidina A e suas aplicações

Novel water-soluble emitters for imaging and sensing applications

Síntese de um metabolito de origem marinha

Master Thesis in 2016/2017
Fotoindução quiral em líquidos iónicos
Sustainable synthesis of heterocyclic compounds: exploring cascade reactions on a soluble polymer support
Molecular recognition of MUC1 Tumor-associated antigens by lectins & antibodies

Development of in-cell NMR methodologies

Development of novel small molecules to Efficiently Inhibit Neural Tumorigenesis

Caracterização do perfil volátil da bebida de café espresso (Ristreto, Espresso ou Lungo) para os blends usados no sistema de extração Mocoffee.

Development of novel anti-cancer agents 

Volatile organic compounds profile variation of olive oils blends under storage 

Implementação e Validação de um método de ensaio para análise de metais em águas superficiais e águas de consumo humano por ICP/MS e/ou ICP óptico usando amostradores passivos

Synthesis of Smart Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Bio- Applications.

Untangling interactions of Bio-inspired Cresyl Violet Derivatives with essential and toxic metal ions. Studies and applications in biological samples. 

Synthesis of new macromolecules with potential biological activity based on glucose

Investigation of novel sulfonylation methods

New synthetic routes for the valorization of easily accessible bio-renewable resources

Development of new functional cross-linked biopolymers 

Caracterização do perfil de compostos orgânicos voláteis no ar interior do departamento de Química

Implementação e Validação de um método de ensaio para análise de compostos orgânicos em águas superficiais por GC/MS e LC-MS/MS usando amostradores passivos.

Development of new photoluminescent materials based on perovskite-like nanocrystals

Diarylethene Linkers for Supramolecular Polymers

Conversion of chitin into biologically valuable chitooligosaccharides: synthetic studies towards NAG-NAM oligosaccharides

From sugar based bio renewable resources to new chemical building blocks and bioactive molecules

Chirality, flavour and anti-oxidant behavior in selected foods 

Synthesis of new macromolecules with potential biological activity based on manose

Aplicação de aminoguanidinas ciclicas em organocatálise

Master Thesis in 2015/2016
Reaction-Separation process integration in the production of cyclic carbonates from CO2
Selenium-containing purines and poliphenols: antioxidant and anti-cancer properties
Synthesis and characterization of photoactive ionic liquids
Coumarin-based organic chromophores: a polyfunctional substrate for diverse applications - fluorescent polymers and drug delivery carriors

Organocatalyzed Domino Reactions With α,ß-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds: A Theoretical Study

Development of cellulosic polymer ionic liquids as self-healing soft materials

Otimização e validação dos métodos de análise de Azoto Amoniacal, Nítrico e Kjeldahl em lamas e solos

Untangling interactions of Bio-inspired Cresyl Violet Derivatives  with essential and toxic metal  ions. Studies and applications in biological samples. 

Aggregation Induced Emission from Ionic Liquid based Au(I) complexes and applications

Procura de novos antibióticos. Síntese, caracterização e deteminação da actividade biológica.

Isolation and identification of bioactive secondary metabolites from Streptomyces sp. strains obtained from ocean sediments from the Madeira Archipelago

Development of multifunctional composite aerosols for lung cancer therapy

Desenvolvimento e Validação de um método de ensaio para análise de haloacetonitrilos por cromatografia gasosa associada à espectrometria de massa

Optimization of the modulation parameters in GCxGC analysis

Wine volatile profiles development after contact with four different wood botanical varieties

Síntese do alcalóide cernumidina A e suas aplicações

Development of novel dual-catalyst ionic liquids and salts for asymmetric catalysis

Flavylium-Functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots

A Metabolomic/computational approach for marine natural products drug discovery

Caracterização do perfil de compostos orgânicos voláteis em seres humanos

Targeting p53-MDM2/X interactions: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel small molecules

Master Thesis in 2014/2015
Caracterização de biomarcadores geoquímicos orgânicos em solos e águas subterrâneas
Using N-Heterocyclic carbene (NHC) as a catalyst for methylene transfer reactions: Focus on amination reactions.
Biomimetic oxidation of xenobiotics by Laccases: generation of quinoid electrophilic intermediates
Quantification of Nevirapine protein adducts in HIV patients: development and validation of mass spectrometric –based method
Synthesis and Structural characterization of covalent DNA adducts formed with the vasopressin antagonist Tolvaptan
Synthesis of photoactive dendrimers for green photovoltaics
Targeting p53-MDM2 interaction: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel MDM2 inhibitors
Novel synthetic strategies towards azaindoles - promising COX-2 inhibitors
Exploring the delivery mechanism to tumor cells based on reversible iminoboronates
New synthetic methodology for the asymmetric synthesis of carbocycles and biological evaluation
Synthesis of methyl-mannoligosaccharide precursors
Radioiodinated compounds for DNA-targeted radiotherapy
Desenvolvimento de eléctrodos baseado em nanopartículas de WO3 para aplicação como biossensores

Use of amino acid racemization for forensic biological evidence dating
Master Thesis in 2013/14
Studies Towards Modified Chitoologosaccharides: A New Aproach to NAF-MAN Moiety 
Síntese de muropéptidos bacterianos para estudos de interacção com a vancomicina
Racionalização do mecanismo de adição de composto carbonílicos a vinil-mono e di-sulfonas, catalisado por aminas
Polímeros electrocrómicos confinados em sistemas mesoporosos
Electrochemical Supercapacitors of Condutive Polymers and Their Composites
Application of NMR RDC´s, Relaxation and Self-Diffusion for the Study of Dynamic  
Processes of Small Molecules in Solution

Selectores quirais aplicados à separação cromatoráfica