LAQV & UCIBIO Post-doctoral Association @ NOVA

LUPA aims to represent and support the scientific interests of the Post-doctoral Researchers from LAQV and UCIBIO at FCT NOVA, promoting their sense of community. Our main purpose is to organise professional enrichment activities, networking and career development events. We also seek to facilitate the contact between the Post-doctoral Researchers and the LAQV and UCBIO Direction and the Rectory of NOVA.
You can find our Bylaws here.

Our activities
     Post-doc Scientific Short Talks @ FCT NOVA
     Every 3rd Thursday of the month, at 16h, two talks from two researchers
     See details here!
LUPA Annual Meetings
     1st LUPA Annual Meeting, 2019
     See details here!
Other LUPA events
     Details here!