Lanterna Magica

Lanterna Magica is the first systematic and comprehensive study of the relationship between tangible and intangible facets of the art of painting glass slides for projection by Magic Lanterns. This project will link the analysis of documented methods and materials used to produce painted glass slides, the reproduction of the historical recipes in the laboratory, and the development of preservation methodologies for existing collections. This study will extend beyond the material and into the immaterial: the history of the audiences and the topics covered by Magic Lantern show. How were they used for entertainment and educational purposes?  

With Lanterna Magica, the powerful combination of investigating the material and immaterial role of Magic Lantern glass slides will directly impact on their preservation, interpretation, and appreciation.


Survey: Conservation of Magic Lantern hand-painted glass slides

If you are/was responsible for a private or public collection of Magic Lantern slides we kindly ask you to participate in this survey, that should take you less than 15 min.

Magic Lantern, Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do Cinema, Lisbon. © Teresa Parreira