International Conference Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM)

The International Conference Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM) is the leading international forum to disseminate, to all branches of automation and manufacturing, information on the most recent and relevant research, theories and practices.

Following success of our earlier FAIM conferences, the 23rd FAIM 2013 will be held in Porto (Portugal) during 26-28 June. The conference will link researchers and practitioners from different branches of automation and manufacturing engineering from around the world.

Moniz, AB.  2009.  Synthesis about a collaborative project on “Technology Assessment of Autonomous Systems”. Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies. 5:83-91. AbstractWebsite

The project started in 2009 with the support of DAAD in Germany and CRUP in Portugal under the “Collaborative German-Portuguese University Actions” programme. One central goal is the further development of a theory of technology assessment applied to robotics and autonomous systems in general that reflects in its methodology the changing conditions of knowledge production in modern societies and the emergence of new robotic technologies and of associated disruptive changes. Relevant topics here are handling broadened future horizons and new clusters of science and technology (medicine, engineering, interfaces, industrial automation, micro-devices, security and safety), as well as new governance structures in policy decision making concerning research and development (R&D).