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Boavida, N.  2017.  The Role of Indicators in Decisions of Technology Innovation. , Karlsruhe: KIT Scientific PublishingWebsite
Book Chapter
Boavida, N, Böschen S.  2015.  Indicators in Technology Assessment – Passive Choices or Reflected Options? Parliaments and civil society in Technology Assessments. (Tomáš Michalek, and Constanze Scherz, Ed.)., Berlin
Boavida, N, Moretto SM.  2012.  Innovation assessment in a local branch of a rail transport industry: Case study. Tecnología Base de la Innovación?. , Querétaro: Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Boavida, et al.  2014.  Towards an assessment of the Portuguese e-mobility case: The Mobi-E. Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions. (Tomáš Michalek, Lenka Hebáková, Leonhard Hennen, Constanze Scherz, Linda Nierling and Julia Hahn, Ed.).:263-269., Prague: Technology Centre ASCR
Boavida, N.  2015.  The use and influence of indicators in decisions about technology innovation: Quantitative results from questionnaires in Portugal. Scientific Knowledge and the Transgression of Boundaries. (Krings, Bettina, et al, Eds.)., Berlin: Springer
Conference Paper
Boavida, N, Moniz AB.  2007.  Research and Development expenditure in the business sector as indicator of knowledge economy: the Portuguese experience. IET Working Papers Series. , Caparica: FCT-UNL
Laranja, M, Boavida N.  2012.  The use of indicators and evidence in governance and policy development of science, technology and innovation, June 2012. 2012 – EU SPRI Conference “Towards Transformative Governance? - Responses to mission-oriented innovation policy paradigms. (WPS07/2012):8., Karlsruhe
Journal Article
Boavida, N.  2011.  Decision making processes based on innovation indicators: which implications for technology assessment? Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies. (7):33-55.Website
Boavida, NFFG.  2015.  Decisions of Technology Innovation: The Role of Indicators. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. (António Brandão Moniz, Manuel Laranja, Eds.)., Lisbon: Universidade Nova de Lisboaphd_thesis_final_4.pdf