Sandra C. B. Nunes


Sandra Nunes is a full-time Assistant Professor at FEUP. She was awarded the title of European Doctorate, in 2009, by the University of Porto, and also holds a M.Sc degree in Structural Engineering with a thesis entitled “Performance-based design of self-compacting concrete (SCC): a contribution to enhance SCC mixtures robustness.” During her PhD she was a visiting researcher at The Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands. Her research interests include development and characterization of new cementitious materials, experimental factorial design, modelling of material behaviour, concrete durability and non-destructive testing. She has participated actively in twelve national research projects, three of them in cooperation with local industry. Between 2011 and 2014 she was the head of the Structural Concrete Laboratory of FEUP. In 2012, she initiated a new research line at FEUP on fibre reinforced cementitious materials, being the Principal Researcher of a national research project on “Engineered high performance fibre reinforced concrete materials: design, characterization and quality control”. Currently, four PhD and one Post-doc research projects, and three new R&D projects are under development at FEUP on this topic. She is author of 20 publications in international peer-reviewed journals (ISI) and more than 55 papers in conferences; and has organized one national (BE2012, and one international (BAC2015, conference at FEUP. Prof. Nunes is an integrated member of CONSTRUCT and LABEST group . She is a member of Action COST-TU1404, fib Task Group 4.3 and RILEM TC on ‘Digital fabrication with cement-based materials’.