Joana Lia Ferreira

Assistant researcher


Department of Conservation and Restoration, FCT-UNL

LQQVREQUIMTE - Associate Laboratory for Green Chemistry

tel. +351212948322


short CV / research interests:

Joana Lia Ferreira is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Conservation and Restoration from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, focusing on modern and contemporary art. From April 2011 until Julye 2013 she developed her research work as a conservator at MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda, Colecção Francisco Capelo (the Design and Fashion Museum in Lisbon) and has recently become engaged with the preservation of Ângelo de Sousa’s (1938-2011) asset. Currently she co-coordinates a project devoted to the study and conservation of that collection, which includes painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and film. Joana graduated in Conservation and Restoration in 2001 and holds a PhD in Conservation Science (2011). Working mainly with synthetic materials – i.e. plastics and synthetic paints – her current research interests include the study of the object as a whole, the influence of additives and adjacent materials in the polymer lifetime, and the global conditions needed to better preserve an art collection.


5 selected publications (RID) :


Susana França de Sá, Ana Maria Ramos, Rita Macedo, Joana Lia Ferreira, Bárbara Coutinho. How to keep what was intended to be temporarily functional? Reflections on decision making for the conservation of polyurethane ready-to-wear fashion. In R. Gordon, E. Hermens, F. Lennard (ed.) The Real Thing?: The Value of Authenticity and Replication for Investigation and Conservation, London: Archetype Publications, 2014.


Joana Lia Ferreira, María Jesús Ávila, Maria João Melo, Ana Maria Ramos. Early aqueous dispersions paints: Portuguese artist’s use of poly(vinyl acetate) 1960s-1990s. Studies in Conservation 2013;58:211-225.


Maria Helena de Sá, Peter Eaton, Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria João Melo, Ana Maria Ramos. Ageing of vinyl emulsion paints – an atomic force microscopy study. Surface and Interface Analysis 2011;43:1160–1164.


Maria Helena de Sá, Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria João Melo, Ana Maria Ramos. An AFM contribution to the understanding of surface effects caused by ageing and cleaning on acrylic glass. The Shadows by Lourdes Castro, a case study. Surface and Interface Analysis 2011;43:1165–1170.


Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria João Melo, Ana Maria Ramos. PVAc paints in works of art: a photochemical approach - Part 1. Polymer Degradation and Stability 2010;95:453-461.