Paulo Sérgio Lopes Manteigas

Support Staff

He is currently the Coordinator of the Project Management Office at CENIMATi3N at FCT NOVA, which is a national research center classified as Exceptional by the FCT, with international recognition.

Facilitates communication and bridges between the various institutions and services existing on the FCT Campus, as well as with institutions external to FCT NOVA and with the 11 organizational units that make up Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), and the researchers that integrate CENIMATi3N .

Responsible for Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Management of acquisitions of goods and services (public procurement), Intellectual Property Management, follow-up of submissions of applications for Scientific Research projects, within the scope of the various existing funding programs, National (FCT ; ANI - National Agency for Innovation; National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Ciência Viva, among others), Public Bodies (Town Councils, Ministries, Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda), European Community and International (Instituto Superior Privado de Angola (ISPRA); WHO - World Health Organization; Japanese Health Found, as well as participation in project management with International Industry (Saint-Gobain Recherche; Electronics and Telecomunications Research - Korea; Kaneka Corporation; Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A.; European Office of Aerospace Research and Development).

In its path, it has already managed more than 300 research projects, with a budget of more than 100M, including R&D Units, EU Excellence Scholarships (ERC), FCT projects, QREN, PT2020, FCG, Ciência Viva, European and International Entities

Other skills acquired and with experience in the Human Resources area, as a consultant in the recruitment of senior management, in a multinational company. In the construction area, he was director of services, namely in the financial, human resources and quality areas.