Joaquim Fernando Monteiro de Carvalho Pratas Leitão


I am Assistant Professor with Habilitation (Agregação) at the Department of Physics, University of Aveiro (with definitive appointment since 2005). I obtained the Licenciatura degree (1987) in Physics at the University of Coimbra and the PhD degree (2000) and the Habilitation title (2022) at the University of Aveiro. Since 2021, I am the Director of the Doctoral Program in Nanosaciences and Nanotechnology at the University of Aveiro. My responsibilities include teaching and coordinating courses of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd academic cycles, supervising fellows and students, coordination of a research line, representative of the University of Aveiro in the technical commission CT 194 dedicated to standardization in the field of nanotechnologies, and management activities. Supervision work includes 6 Post-Doctoral fellows, 5 PhD students (2 in progress) and 12 Master students (2 in progress). Regarding the research activities, my work is mainly in Physics of Semiconductors, with emphasis on optical spectroscopy studies in infrared and visible regions, performed in bulk materials as well as on different types of nanostructures. The main research topics I have studied are the electronic characterization of semiconductors, the role of defects in the physical properties of materials including irradiation (with ions and electrons) and passivation studies, and metastability in low-dimensional structures. I am (co-)author of 2 book chapters, 89 articles in peer-review journals, 7 articles in conference proceedings, and more than 140 oral and poster communications in national and international conferences. These publications focus essentially in the areas of Materials Science, Physics, Energy and Chemistry. In Scopus, I have a h-index=20 and more than 1670 citations. In my scientific activities, I interacted with more than 230 researchers from several national and international research institutions.