Hugo Manuel Brito Águas

Principal Investigator

Hugo Águas is Associate Professor at the Materials Science Department of FCT-NOVA and photovoltaics research group leader at CEMOP-UNINOVA. He received his PhD in 2005 in Optoelectronics Engineering. His current research interests are in the fields of thin films deposition and silicon materials for photovoltaic devices and optical sensors; nanomaterials processing; biosensors; microfluidics and SERS. He has coordinated 6 national projects and was responsible in several national and international projects, including the H2020 Project APOLO (H2020-LCE-2017-RES-RIA) aimed at developing photonic-enhanced flexible Perovskite solar cells for BIPV ( Was the main organiser of symposium K - Photonic materials and techniques for SERS and solar cell light trapping at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2016 and is gest Editor for several journals, such as PSSa (Wiley), Materials Letters (Elsevier) and Materials, Sensors and Micromachines (MDPI) He holds a patent for Solar Tiles comprising the development of silicon thin film technology for direct application in ceramic tiles building elements, which was given the Innovation Award in Energy Live Expo in 2014. He has a publication record of more than 160 papers in ISI/SCI Scientific Journals. The number of citation times registered in the WoK is above 2200 and has an H-index of 25.