ELIXIR Europe - Workshops on Resources for Plant Sciences


Within the ELIXIR implementation study INCREASING plant dedicated tools were prepared.

This will be presented in an initial set of free online workshops (3h each) will be organised on October 5th and 6th.

The program is as follows:

1. Plant orthology bundle | October 5th @ 15h CET (14h PT time)
We will present the principles, benefits and drawbacks of different plant orthology detection tools: Ensembl Plants, Plaza, Mercator, MapMan, and GoMapMan.

- 2. Plant data analysis & visualisation tools | October 6th @ 10h CET (9h PT time)
The principles and examples of use of knowledge graph based tools available for plant scientists will be presented, namely: KnetMiner, AgroLD, and Stress Knowledge Map,  as well as the federated search engine FAIDARE. We will also cover how they can be interactively explored and how they can be connected to the data integration and visualisation tools DiNaR and MapMan.

- 3. Plant Phenotyping data publication using MIAPPE, dataverse and e!DAL-PGP | October 6th @ 14h CET (13h PT time)
The webinar will demonstrate phenotyping data organisation and description using MIAPPE for publication in generic data repositories such as dataverse or e!DAL-PGP. This will be based on the guidelines published on the RDM Kit and the Faircookbook.


No prior knowledge is required, and each workshop can be attended independently.  Please indicate your interest at: https://forms.gle/u8QrhKypxm5TuYa47

At the scheduled time, they will be held at the following Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 968 389 9563
Passcode: plantsrule

Pedro Barros / Inês Chaves / Hugo Rodrigues on behalf of ELIXIR Plant Sciences Community