The photochemical reaction between uranyl-nitrate and azulene

The photochemical reaction between uranyl-nitrate and azulene, Burrows, H. D., Cardoso A. C., Formosinho S. J., Gil Ampc, Miguel M. D., Barata B., and Moura J. J. G. , Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology a-Chemistry, Sep 30, Volume 68, Number 3, p.279-287, (1992)


On photolysis of solutions of azulene and uranyl nitrate in alcohols, a dark, amorphous precipitate is formed. Various analytical techniques show that this is a mixture of a uranium salt and an organic component, suggested to be polyazulene. The effects of various parameters on the yield of the product have been studied and it is found that oxygen facilitates the reaction. Electron spin resonance studies show that the product is paramagnetic, in agreement with the established ease of oxidation of polyazulene, and suggest that it is formed via electron transfer from azulene to excited uranyl ion, followed by successive dimerizations and deprotonations of radical cation intermediates.


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