NMR studies of a dihaem cytochrome from Pseudomonas perfectomarinus (ATCC 14405)

NMR studies of a dihaem cytochrome from Pseudomonas perfectomarinus (ATCC 14405), Moura, I., Liu M. C., Legall J., Peck, H. D. Jr., Payne W. J., Xavier A. V., and Moura J. J. , Eur J Biochem, Jun 1, Volume 141, Number 2, p.297-303, (1984)


Pseudomonas perfectomarinus (ATCC 14405) dihaem cytochrome c552 was studied by 300-MHz proton magnetic resonance. Some of the haem resonances were assigned in the fully reduced and fully oxidized states. No evidence was found for methionine haem axial coordination. The oxidation-reduction equilibrium was studied in detail. Due to the large difference in mid-point redox potential between the two haems (+174 mV, for haem II and -180 mV for haem I) an intermediate oxidation state could be obtained containing reduced haem I and oxidized haem II. In this way the total paramagnetic shift at different oxidation levels could be decomposed in the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions. It was found that the two haems interact. The rate of electron exchange is slow on the NMR time scale. The redox equilibria are discussed for four possible redox species in solution.


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