Rui M. Almeida

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, FCT NOVA
Email: rui.almeida(at)
Tel: + 351 21 294 83 00, ext. 10927
Webpage: webpage

Research Activities - Keywords
• Bioinorganic, Biophysics, Energy Bioconversion (Hydrogen)
• NMR Spectroscopy (paramagnetic systems, dynamics, protein interactions)
• Large scale protein production (overexpressed)
• Molecular modeling (Protein-Protein interactions)
• Lanthanide probes for NMR paramagnetic relaxation enhancements

Teaching Interests
• General Biochemistry

Recent Publications can be found here

Selected References
Superoxide reductase: different interaction modes with its two redox partners
Almeida RM, Turano P, Moura I, Moura JJG, Pauleta SR
Chembiochem (2013) 14:1858-1866

Multifrequency EPR Study of Fe3+ and Co2+ in the Active Site of Desulforedoxin
Mathies, G, Almeida RM, Gast P, Moura JJG, Groenen EJJ
J Phys Chem B (2011) 116:7122-7128

Gd(III) chelates as NMR probes of protein-protein interactions. Case study: rubredoxin and cytochrome c3
Almeida RM, Geraldes CF, Pauleta SR, Moura JJ
Inorg Chem (2011) 50:10600-10607

Continuous-wave EPR at 275GHz: application to high-spin Fe3+ systems
Mathies G, Blok H, Disselhorst JA, Gast P, van der Meer H, Miedema DM, Almeida RM, Moura JJG, Hagen WR, Groenen EJ
J Magn Reson (2011) 210:126-132

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