José J.G. Moura

Professor of Chemistry, FCT-UNL
Email: jose.moura(at)
Tel: + 351 21 294 83 82

Research Activities - Keywords
• Bioinorganic, Biophysics, Biocatalysis, Energy Bioconversion (Hydrogen)
• Role of metals in Biology (heme and non-heme iron, molybdenum, tungsten, nickel, vanadium and cobalt)
• Inorganic systems as models for biocatalysis
• Spectroscopy (NMR, EPR and Mössbauer), (Bio)Electrochemistry, Biocorrosion, Bacterial Systems
    (Sulfate reducers and Denitrifiers)
• Large scale protein production (native and overexpressed)
• Molecular modeling (Protein-Protein interactions)
• Reconstitution of Electron Transfer Chains
• Metalloproteins Structure-Function relationships

Teaching Interests
• Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, BioInorganic Chemistry
• Nuclear and Electron Magnetic Resonance and Mossbauer Spectroscopy
    (applications to Chemistry, Biology and Medicine)
• Bioelectrochemistry
• Undergraduate, Master and PhD programs
• Science divulgation

Recent Publications can be found here

Selected References

Rubredoxins derivatives: simple sulphur-rich coordination metal sites and its relevance for biology and chemistry
Maiti BK, Almeida RM, Moura I, Moura JJG
Coord Chem Rev (2017) in press

Metalloenzymes in denitrification: applications and environmental impacts
RSC Metallobiology Series No. 9 (2017)
(ISBN: 978-1-78262-376-2)
Ed. Moura I, Moura JJG, Pauleta SR, Maia LB

Molybdenum and tungsten-containing enzymes: an overview
Maia LB, Moura I, Moura JJG
Molybdenum and Tungsten Enzymes: Biochemistry, RSC Metallobiology Series No. 5 (2017), 1-80

EPR spectroscopy on mononuclear molybdenum-containing enzymes
Maia LB, Moura I, Moura JJG
Future Directions in Metalloprotein and Metalloenzyme Research, Biological Magnetic Resonance, Vol. 33 (2017), 55-101

Molybdenum and tungsten-containing formate dehydrogenases: aiming to inspire a catalyst for carbon dioxide utilization
Maia, LB, Moura I, Moura JJG
Inorg Chim Acta (2017) 455: 350-363

Protein-assisted formation of molybdenum heterometallic clusters: evidence for the formation of S2MoS2−M−S2MoS2 clusters with M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, or Cd within the Orange Protein
Maiti BK, Maia LB, Pauleta SR, Moura I, Moura JJG
Inorg Chem (2017) 56: 2210−2220

Predicting protein-protein interactions using BiGGER: case studies
Almeida RM, Dell'Acqua S, Krippahl L, Moura JJG, Pauleta SR
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Reduction of carbon dioxide by a molybdenum-containing formate dehydrogenase: a kinetic and mechanistic study
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