Isabel Moura

Professor of Biochemistry, FCT-UNL
Email: isabelmoura(at)
Tel: + 351 21 294 83 81

Research Activities - Keywords
Sulfate reducing bacteria / Denitrifying bacteria / metalloproteins / spectroscopy (EPR, NMR, MB) / protein sequencing / iron-sulfur centres / hemes / nitrite reductase / nitrate reductase /nitric oxide reductase/nitrous oxide reductase/ formate dehydrogenase / new iron containing centres / redox properties/ new molybdocontaining proteins (Mo and Cu and Mo and Fe)

Teaching Interests
• Analytical Biochemistry
• Biochemistry
• Biophysical Chemistry
• Magnetic Resonance Techniques applied to Biological Systems
• Bioinorganic
• Undergraduate, Master and PhD programs
• Science divulgation

Recent Publications can be found here

Selected References
Determination of the active form of the tetranuclear copper sulfur cluster in nitrous oxide reductase
Johnston, E. M., Dell'Acqua S., Ramos S., Pauleta S. R., Moura I., and Solomon E. I.
J Am Chem Soc, Volume 136, p.614–617, (2014)

Mo–Cu metal cluster formation and binding in an orange protein isolated from Desulfovibrio gigas
Carepo, M. S., Pauleta S. R., Wedd A. G., J.J.G. Moura, and Moura I.
J Biol Inorg Chem, DOI 10.1007/s00775-014-1107-8, (2014)

Steady state kinetics with nitric oxide reductase (nor): new considerations onsubstrate inhibiion profile and catalytic mechanism
Duarte, A. G., Cordas C. M., Moura J. J. G., and Moura I.
Biochim Biophys Acta, Volume 1837, p.375-384, (2014)

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