Ana Teresa Lopes

Technician, FCT-UNL
Email: analopes(at)
Tel: + 351 21 294 83 00, ext. 10927

Research Activities - Keywords
• Biochemical and structural characterization of metalloproteins isolated from sulphate reducing bacteria
• Microbiologic and biochemical studies of sulphate reducing bacteria
• Bioremediation of compounds with ecologic impact

Teaching Interests
• Biochemistry
• Food Chemistry

Recent Publications can be found here

Selected References
Carepo MS, Mota CS, Korbas M, Durand MC, Lopes AT, Brondino CD, Pereira AS, George GN, Dolla A, Moura JJ, Moura I
Molybdenum induces the expression of a protein containing a new heterometallic Mo-Fe cluster in Desulfovibrio alaskensis
Biochemistry (2009) 48:873-882

Albuquerque MGE, Lopes AT, Serralheiro ML, Novais JM, Pinheiro HM
Biological sulphate reduction and redox mediator effects on azo dye decolourisation in anaerobic–aerobic sequencing batch reactors
Enzyme and Microbial Technology (2005) 36:790-799

Dinis PE, Lopes AT, Lino AR, Serralheiro ML
Anaerobic reduction of a sulfonated azo dye, congo red, by sulfate reducing bacteria
App. Biochem. Biotech (2001) 97:147-163

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