Maria A.M. Reis

Team Leader/Full Professor


Research ID: D-8303-2013

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-4000-1836

Research Gate: Maria_Reis7

Gab 509 - Chemistry Department

Ph: +351 212 948 357


Maria A. Reis obtained a Degree in Chemical Engineering at IST-UTL in 1978, a PhD degree in Biochemical Engineering at FCT-NOVA in 1991 and Habilitation in Biochemical Engineering at FCT-NOVA in 2003. Became full Professor in Environmental/industrial Biotechnology at FCT-NOVA in 2012.

Academic Management Activities at FCT-NOVA

Participated in several management activities at FCT-NOVA:

  • President of the Pedagogical Committee of undergraduate course on Chemical Engineering
  • Vice-President of the Pedagogical Council at FCT-NOVA
  • Member of the Committee responsible for the creation and structuring of the Master Course on “Food and Safe Technology” and  integrated Master on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Member of group for the elaboration of ”Self Evaluation Report of UNL”, European University Association (EUA) - Institutional Evaluation
  • Vice-President of the FCT Scientific Council
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of PhD course “Sustainable Chemistry” and  “Chemical and Biochemical Engineering”
  • Coordinator of the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering integrated Master course

Research accomplishments

Maria Reis is a Full Professor in Environmental Biotechnology  at FCT-NOVA. Main research interests have been in the area of Environmental/Industrial BioEngineering, with special focus on the development of sustainable bioprocesses for the removal of pollutants from water and wastewater streams and for the exploitation of industrial wastes for the production of biopolymers and bulk chemicals.

Within this research area, published more than 200 papers in scientific journals with peer review. She is the co-author of 18 Book Chapters. Presented more than 200 oral presentations in International conferences. Is co-author of 4 National patents and 6 International patents. Coordinated 20 national and international projects (team leader), out of which 12 European Projects and 6 were co-funded by industrial companies, and participated as team member in 22 research projects. Co-supervised 20 PhD students and is currently co-supervisor of 11PhD students. Her scientific work has been distinguished with several awards and she was the winner of the Solvay & Hovione Ideas Challenge SHIC’08 Prize- Solvay prize in 2008. Nominated and Elected to the Portuguese Academy of Engineering in 2009 and Elected as IWA Fellow, September 2010. She is Editor of the Water Research (Elsevier).

Relevant publications


  • João G. Crespo e Maria A. Reis. “Treatment of Aqueous Media Containing Electrically Charged Compounds”. Patent PCT EP246778B1 and WO 01/040118. 10/9/2003
  • Maria A. Reis, Rui Oliveira, Filomena Freitas, Vítor D. Alves, Joana Pais, Cristina Oliveira.”Galactose-rich polymer, process for the production of the polymer and its applications”. PCT nº PT 2008/000015, April 2008. International Publication Number WO 2008/127134 B1.
  • Maria Reis, Rui Oliveira, Filomena Freitas, Bárbara Chagas, Luísa Cruz “Process for the co-production of chitin, its derivatives and polymers containing glucose, mannose and/or galactose, by the fermentation of the yeast Pichia pastoris”. July 2009. International Publication Number WO 2010/013174 A2.
  • Maria A. Reis, Rui Oliveira, Filomena Freitas, Vitor D. Alves. “Fucose-containing bacterial biopolymer”. December 2010. US Provisional Patent Application Serial Number 61/286,687.
  • Simon O. Bengtsson, Alan G. Werker, Paulo A. C. Lemos, Maria A. M. Reis. “Process for Maximizing PHA Production in Glycogen Accumulating Organisms”. PCT/IB2010000281.
  • Freitas F, Cruz F, Reis MAM, Farinha I (2015) Chitin-glucan complex, its preparation and uses - International Patent WO2015177622 

Book Chapters

  • Velizarov S, Oehmen A, Reis MA, Crespo JG. (2015) Electro-membrane Processes for the Removal of Trace Toxic Metal Ions from Water, In: Membrane Technologies for the Removal of Arsenic, Uranium and Fluoride from Water. A. Figoli, J. Hoinkis and Jochen Bundschuh (Eds.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, July 2015. ISBN 9781138027206. 
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Peer Review papers

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