Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production


  • Naturally biodegradable polyesters internally synthesized by some microorganisms as carbon and energy reserves;
  • Present thermoplastic properties similar to conventionall plastics, making them potential replacement materials for petrochemical-based plastics;
  • Produced from different substrates

BIOENG has specialized in:

PHAs production from agro-food and industrial wastes or by-products, using both single and mixed microbial cultures;

  • Glycerol;
  • Fat and oil containing material;
  • Cheese whey, etc.

High PHA productivities Short- chain lenght HB-HV monomers (homo- and co-polymers) and medium chain lenght monomers (co- and terpolymers)

PHA production using mixed microbial cultures (MMCs)

  • Operated in open reactors (no sterility requirements)
  • Cheap complex feedstocks 

New photosynthetic bacteria (PB) system for PHA production;