Applied Organic Chemistry

In the early years of the 2010s decade, a group of researchers from FCT NOVA came together as a research group as a natural outcome of the complementarity and synergy of their work. The Applied Organic Chemistry research group is a dynamic team of researchers specializing in target-oriented organic synthesis. Their interdisciplinary approach focuses on designing and synthesizing new molecules and reactions with diverse applications. The group's expertise encompasses various fields, such as organic chemistry, phytochemistry, and spectroscopic techniques. Their work showcases the versatile and practical applications of organic chemistry in addressing real-world challenges.

Their research spans four main areas:

1) Developing dye molecules for solar cell sensitization,
2) Synthesizing natural products and derivatives with potential biological interest
3) Developing new methodologies for the chemical modification of polyssacharids
4) Discover compounds from terrestrial and marine sources

Collaborating with companies, including HOVIONE and Sea4Us, they also contribute to the development of new synthesis methods for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

The Applied Organic Chemistry research group continues to drive innovation, striving for a sustainable and healthier future through their cutting-edge contributions to the field.