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Since 2002, in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lisbon (Prof. Carlos Fontes)

Crystallographic studies have been complemented by NMR data, (Prof. Anjos Macedo and Prof. Eurico Cabrita , DQ-FCT, REQUIMTE) in particular for defining a structural basis for substrate binding to carbohydrate binding modules. 

In collaboration with the Madrid University (Prof. Oscar Llorca), Cryo-EM studies on mini-cellulosomes have been started and have provided a first insight into the 3D structure of these assemblies.  


In collaboration with a pharmaceutical company (Alfama; ITQB-Prof. Carlos Romão) crystallographic and binding studies have been undertaken to understand the structural basis for the interaction of CO-releasing molecules (CORM) with several plasma and heme proteins.  

Crystl IL  

As a parallel project, we are investigating the effect of ionic liquids in protein crystallization (as crystallization additives or as precipitants) studying model proteins as well as real, problematic, cases. This is an active and competitive field of research and collaboration was initiated with Prof. Luis Paulo Rebelo at ITQB.