The curricular structure presented should appeal to a broad audience of MSc graduates wishing to acquire and demonstrate knowledge in the scientific areas since the advanced studies are designed to give students the opportunity to tailor learning modules to meet individual requirements. As such, students with different backgrounds will have the same level of opportunities regarding advanced studies training projects. It also establishes a formal network of scientific complementary institutions as well as a remarkable flexible teaching experience supported by both traditional and proved e-learning technologies. As a consequence, the curricular structure can attract not only Portuguese students but others from different nationalities.

We provide financial support in the form of scholarships (up to 6 per cohort) and also funds for research trips and participation in conferences. We are also here to give advice on any issues related to the programme that may arise during your time attending the RaBBiT programme. Additional financial support is annually available through several schemes under the Portuguese National Funding Agency (FCT-MES) or any other national or international schemes of scholarships and funds for research. Regular detailed information will be posted on this webpage.

In this webpage you will find details of our activities, and how you can benefit from them. The doctoral training programme operates an open door policy and you are welcome to visit all affiliated research groups. You will find details on how to contact and reach us elsewhere in this webpage.