Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a fellowship?

Yes you can. The programme will attribute 6 fellowships per year. Also, you can apply for individual fellowships (restrictions apply). The programme is very competitive and we receive applications from students all over the world, so do not forget to send you pre application as soon as possible.

What are the selection rules?

Selection rules are well established and depend on the excellence of the student’s academic degrees and record, a personal history statement, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, your preparation in the scientific areas of interest, possible relevant work experience and, last but not least, a personal interview.

I am not sure if I can apply.

If you hold a Masters degree, or the legal equivalent, you can apply. Alternatively, candidates with especially relevant academic and/or scientific curriculum, recognised by both the directive board of the PhD programme and the scientific council of the institution awarding the PhD degree, can propose themselves for an application. Still don’t know? Just ask!

What is the language of the programme?

We are an international PhD programme, meaning you can have teachers/advisors from any of the institutions involved in the programme. English will be used in lectures, discussions, course materials, seminars and other presentations. As such, English is the working language of the programme. While this is not an exclusion criteria, it will certainly help to be proficient in the English language.

Will I be working in different laboratories/research groups?

While this will depend on your PhD project, the RaBBiT programme is an international programme involving FCT/UNL, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Innsbruck, CSIC and The Open University. Chances are that you will spend some time at least at two of these institutions. The amount of time spent in each research laboratory will depend on the scientific work being done, research collaborations and will be always agreed upon students and advisors.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees are 2750 €/year. RaBBit or FCT/MEC fellowships will cover for tuition fees.

Where do I apply?


I want to apply but need further assistance?

Send an email to