Candidates to the programme must list all academic qualifications gained since completing secondary education, stating the institutions attended, the main subjects of study, and main courses started and finished. Applicants should also provide copies of all relevant academic certificates or transcripts, with accompanying translations into English if they are in another language. Evidence of English proficiency may be needed in the form of a certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL) to be presented during the enrolment. The interview process will be carried out in the English language.

The selection criteria are the following:

a) Excellence of the student’s academic degrees and record (25);

b) Personal history statement (10);

c) Statement of purpose (15);

d) Letters of recommendation (5);

e) Preparation in the scientific areas of interest (10);

f) Relevant work experience (10);

g) Personal interview (25). 

Maximum score for each criterion is indicated in brackets, with 100 being the highest ranking attainable.

Applications OPEN HERE

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