Alexandra Tenera (AT)

-      FCT NOVA Industrial Engineering Professor (Assistant) since 2006
-      Graduate and Postgraduate Teaching and Training Experience, in Production and Operations Management, Project and Risk Management, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Research to support Decision-Making;
-      Integrated Research Member at the System Engineering and Management (SEM) research group, UNIDEMI (Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
-       Doctor (PhD) of Industrial Engineering, specialized in System Management, FCT NOVA (2006) with Doctoral Thesis on Managing Project Uncertainty from a Critical Chain Project Management Perspective (FCT NOVA)
-      Master of Business Sciences, specialized in Management, Strategy and Business Development (ISCTE, 1996) and Licentiate Degree in Industrial Production Engineering (FCT NOVA, 1992)
-      President of the Portuguese Technical Committee for Project Management – IPQ/CT175 (since 2017)
-      Vice-President of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Association for Project Management (APOGEP)
-      Member of the Portuguese Order of Enginners (OE, 1993) and former Founding Member of the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Engineering (IPEI, 1995) 
-     Participation in FCT and QREN research projects such as: “Concepção de Sistemas Resilientes" (PTDC/EME-GIN/68400/2006) and “New Product Thinking-WS-NPD" (LISBOA-01-0202-FEDER-011999); 
-      Participant in European Joint Projects from Program TEMPUS for higher education such as: "EMADES - European Management Degree Study Program" (S-JEP-13 277-98); "Information Systems in Public Administration" (S-JEP-11 572-96); Flexible Learning and Continuing Education (S-JEP-11 366-96) and New Computer Science Degree Programs for Engineers" (S-JEP-09 344-95) 
-      Author and Co-Author of several papers and publications published nationally and internationally, research orcid ID: 0000-0001-5818-1607
-      Coordinator of national and international events, conferences and courses, such as:  ISO TC258 WG04 Programme Management Portugal Meeting (2017), International Project Management Meeting IP2M on Risk Management (2010) and FCT’s Postgraduate Course on Project Management (2007-2011)

 Aureo Villagra (AV)    

-      Degree in Electronic Engineering, (PUC-RS, 1984)
-      Master in Business Administration, (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 1992)
-      CEO Goldratt Consulting Brasil & Global Partner Goldratt Consulting, responsible
       for Brasil & Portugal Operations 
-      Invited Professor, Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC)  
-      Invited Professor, FIA-USP in Project Management 
-      Invited Professor, UERJ in Project Management/MBA  
-      International Speaker on TOC (Theory of Constraints) worldwide 
-      Resident Guest on radio "Joven Pan - Foco em Gestão Empresarial" program 
-      Chairman and Member of the Board of several Brazilian companies  
-      Member of "Professional Pricing Society" international association dedicated to pricing 
       management, pricing training and education  
-      Former Director of "Instituto de Estudos Empresariais", a business leaders organization  commited 
       to advocating and preserving the market econony and free-entreprise values
-      Former President (south chapter) of "Sociedade Brasileira de Gestão do Conhecimento", a forum
       to aggregate professionals and organizations engaged in management knowledge difusion 

 Mathias Fischer (MF) 
-      Degree in Industrial Engineering, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR, 2008)
-      11 years of combined experience on Theory of Constraints implementation and teaching in
       construction, maintenance overhaul, software, IT, hospitals, airspace, financial, oil industry,
       plastic injection, car manufacturer, fashion and retail:
- 3,5 years at Taylors Consulting as TOC business consultant
- 7,5 years at Goldratt Consulting as business consultant
-      1 year as business owner for .COM company and representative company
-      Lean Certification (2009) 
-      Certification by TOCICO (Theory of Constraints Certification Organization, 2012) 
-      Guest Speaker at the 2014 TOCICO for retail Christmas flow 
-      Teacher at Goldratt School since 2016

 Luis Cristóvão (LC)                       

-      Degree in Chemical Engineering, Technology & Industry branch (IST, 1986)
-      MBA, Master in Business Administration, UNL (SBE), 1992
-      MsC in Business Management, UNL (SBE), 1999 – Thesis in “Securitization of Credit”
-      7 years in Automotive (OEM) in R&D, processes and quality as manager of  
       the technical area
-      25 years in Food Industry as Quality Director (15 years) and Operations Director (10  
       years) responsible for all Operations (Logistics/Supply Chain, R&D, Quality, Maintenance,
-      Member of the Fiscal Council of AMBA (MBA UNL Association),1998/2000; Member of the
       Executive Board of AMBA (2001-2003)
-      Member of the Fiscal Council of APQ (Portuguese Association for Quality) 2009/2011;
       President Fiscal Council of APQ, 2012/2015); Vice-President of the Board APQ, 2015/2017
-      Certified by TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization), UK 2012
-      Invited Professor 2006/2014 (IPL, IST) in the SixSigma BB and LeanSixSigma executive courses on
       TOC (Theory of Constraints) modules
-      Co-author of seven books on TOC topics; Decision Making / Operations / Projects /                             
       Distribution, including an adaptation of The Goal (in 30 pages) the Goldratt TOC Best Seller
-      Associate, Goldratt Consulting (2018 - ...)                              
 Sérgio Lopes (SL)                                         

-     Degree in Agronomic Engineering (I.S.A., U. T. L. 1981) 
-      MsC on Sustainable Agricultural Practices (U. Évora 1983)
-      Researcher at FAO/PNUD (1981-1983)
-      Military Officer (1983-1984)
-      Product Manager (1984-1987) and Key Account Manager (1987-1990) at Unilever/JM
-      Managing Director at GIA - Grupo Ibérico Alimentario (1991-1993)
-      Partner at Northern Enterprises (1991- 1993)
-      Commercial Director deputy at SOVENA (1993-1998)
-      Partner at AROMAC and SONAZ Brasil (1998-2004)
-      Export Consultant at Dan Cake Portugal (2001-2008)
-      CEO at Danesita Hungaria Édesipari KFT (2004-2006)
-      Partner at SNA- Sociedade Nacional de Azeites (2009-2014)
-      Engaging Director at Goldratt Consulting (2014-…)
-      Executive Courses :
- PAGE (FCEE/U.C.P., 1996)
- Unilever international programs on Packaging Design Development, Leadership, Business & Personnel Awareness
- Sales Negotiation (Eurofórum)
- Marketing Research (A. C. Nielsen)
- Sales Techniques (Development Systems)
- Managing for Inspired Performance (Atlanta Consulting Group)
- A New Sales Psychology & Category Management (Tracy Int’l.)
- Motivation & Leadership (Epsilon Management)
-      Performed Executive Course: Dealing with Organized Trade (Psicoforma)