ICT Wearables & Healthcare

Project at FCT Universidade Nova Lisboa and Eindhoven University of Technology


Who we are
The study Wearables and Healthcare” is supporting two MSc students (Koen Roorda  & Roy de Laat ) in Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) at Eindhoven University of Technology, and one PhD student (Elisabete Semedo) on Technology Assessment at Universidade Nova Lisboa. The coherent is under the supervision of António Moniz, professor at the Faculty of Science & Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 

The project
'Wearables' is an increasingly growing technology. Wearables are electronic devices carried in or on the body and come in many different shapes and sizes (e.g. watches, contact lenses, clothing, etc.). Although there are already quite some fitness- and health wearables, wearables have a lot of potential in being used in healthcare and that is why a lot of research is going on in that topic.

Our research in this topic focusses on the technology assessment of healthcare wearables in two target groups: diabetics and people with heart problems. We would like to find out what these patients think about using wearables to monitor and/or treat their disease, what the (future) possibilities are, and what steps need to be taken to get there.

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