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GeoBioTec, as the name indicates, fully combines Geology with Biology, fruit of its past and recent genesis, integrating multi and interdisciplinary groups, which was highly valued at the time of its previous assessment, and that was again strengthened with the incorporation of agroforestry, that generates new collaborations, with teams of remote sensing, data analysis, geochemistry, medical geology, and geomaterials. Through a combination of field studies, space-based observations, data integration, and modeling, the GeoBioTec pursues interdisciplinary studies from both scientific, technological and policy perspectives.

Geobiotec focus on topics related to the life cycle of primary raw materials, promoting research on: exploration techniques (geodynamics, sedimentary basins, geochronology, geophysics, geochemistry and geostatistics); mineral processing (treatment and beneficiation of low grade ores, extraction from old mine dumps), mineral extraction from deep deposits (geological modelling, rock mechanics), sustainable mining (circular economy, social licence to operate, zero waste). All these activities aiming:

1) Increased knowledge of the national potential, with a preliminary identification of exploitable resources, fostering a modern mining view; support to pilot projects of treatment of minerals complementary to the main extraction; development of new methodologies for resource assessment and new uses.

2) Conservation of resources and guarantee of supply of raw materials. Demarcation of areas of geological interest and respective geological characterization; disclosure of mineral resources as non-renewable natural resources.

3) Strengthening the capacity of producing agents; introduction of new techniques and technologies; development of new products.

4) Reduction of environmental liabilities; elimination/minimization of negative environmental effects in abandoned mines and quarries; rehabilitation of mining legacy.

5) Sustainability; Promotion of the efficient use of resources.

We are members of the EIT/KIC Raw-Materials; we are an active part of the Portugal Mineral Resources Cluster, coordinating the Human Capital program; we have participated actively in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, being members of one of the consortiums approved on the Call for Commitments (Towards a new model of C&DW management for a circular supply chain integrating innovative solutions for a better recovery of Raw Material). We are fully committed to the new trends of research and exploitation of raw materials: Regional and Local Prospection and Recognition, Sustainable exploitation; Remining; Reuse; Recycling, putting particular emphasis on the development of new materials and/or new applications for old materials.