Samaneh Sharif

Research Summary

The color plays an essential role in Persian carpets that articulates the unique patterns and ascertains its identity. It is essential to consider the period and the region of historical carpets while investigating the origins of the dyes and dyeing method. Therefore, the main focus of the research plan is to explore and identify historical application of yellow dyes in Persian carpets. In many cases, the knowledge about the yellow dye sources and the dyeing method is not quite known. In addition, the yellow dyes are considered less resistant to fading and as a consequence, the actual yellow colours might be different from what we expect. Therefore, the identification of local sources of yellow dyes retains its importance and it can help researchers obtain useful textile provenance information.

PhD Project title: Persian yellows

Supervisors: Maria João Melo (LAQV-Requimte, DCR FCT-UNL, Portugal)