Leonardo Dall'Agnol

PhD Student, FCT-UNL
Email: lt.dallagnol(at)campus.fct.unl.pt
Tel: + 351 21 294 83 00, ext. 10927
Webpage: webpage

PhD Thesis
Deeper insights intoSRB-driven biocorrosion mechanisms
Supervisor: José J.G. Moura

Research Activities - Keywords
• Microbiology, Microbial Molecular Biology
• Proteomics and Protein Biochemistry
• Biocorrosion

Teaching Interests
• General Microbiology
• Molecular Biology
• Biocorrosion
• Protein Engineering by Direct Evolution

Selected References
Phylogenetic and gene trees of Synechococcus: choice of the right marker to evaluate the population diversity in the Tucuruí Hydroelectric Power Station Reservoir in Brazilian Amazonia
Dall'Agnol LT, Ghilardi-Junior R, McCulloch JA, Schneider H, Schneider MPC, Silva A
J Plankton Res (2012) 34(3): 245-257

Diversity of Chromobacterium violaceum isolates from aquatic environments of state of Pará, Brazilian Amazon
Dall'Agnol LT, Martins RN, Vallinoto ACR, Ribeiro KTS
Mem Inst Osw Cruz (2008) 103(7): 678-682

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